User Training Basis

This course explains how to use the PiSA sales CRM. No prior knowledge is necessary. All learning units include short learning videos and a PDF document to summarize the most important topics. At the end of each learning unit, you will find a practical exercise that you can carry out at your workplace. For a first start, it is useful to work out the learning units in the suggested order. If you have already gained experience with PiSA sales, single learning units or videos are also suitable for repeating and deepening content. Available in German and in English.

User Training Marketing

Advanced content for key users and end users on the PiSA sales topic of marketing. This course covers the topics of implementing and tracking marketing projects, campaigns, annual and budget planning, as well as mailings and interfaces to external programs such as InxMail.

User Training Sales

Advanced content for Key-Users and End-Users on the PiSA sales subject sales. This course covers the main topics of creating and managing sales transactions, products and divisions as well as planning and evaluation.

User Training Service

Advanced content for Key-Users and End-Users on the PiSA sales subject Service. This course covers the topics of plannable and non-plannable service processes, deployment and resource planning, service feedback and contract management, as well as the mapping of customer installations.

User Training PiSA sales Mobile CRM

In this course section we would like to show you how to work with Mobile CRM on a tablet. In addition to the basics, this includes various key topics from the areas of marketing, sales, and service.

Special topics

Advanced content for Key Users and End Users, outside of the three main processes (Marketing, Sales, Service), or complementing all main processes.